Busting Fitness Myths with Omnifit

In an age filled with “fake news”, it’s a relief to know that some things will always ring true in fitness. Daily exercise. Eating right. And avoiding excess.

Even common fitness myths can be easily busted, simply by looking at the science under the stories. Let’s bust some of those myths below.

Women shouldn’t do weights. Chances are you’ve avoided the gym because someone warned you that you’ll gain freakishly large muscles. That’s absolutely not true at all. Women’s bodies, lacking the testosterone levels of their male counterparts, will not develop the same muscle mass on the same workout, though the fat loss will be nearly the same.

There’s another benefit to doing weights – it helps increase bone density, fighting osteoporosis. So pick up those weights without worry!

Slow metabolism, slow weight loss. Blaming “slow metabolism” for your extra weight (and difficulty shedding it) is old and tired: “The reality is that metabolism often plays a minor role," explains Dr. Chih-Hao Lee, a professor at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “The greatest factors as you age are often poor diet and inactivity.”

Simply increasing your physical activity can help get you to the shape you want faster – if going to the gym seems like a step too far for you, aim for something as simple as walking to the grocery, taking stairs instead of using the elevator or escalators. Use your bike instead of bringing your car if you’re only traveling for a couple of kilometers. A good workout needs a maximum of 10,000 steps – you don’t need to reach that number, you just need to move!

Some people report success from simply replacing six hours of sitting time a week with a calorieburning activity, like walking or playing a favorite sport.

To lose weight, you should eat less. To reach the weight you want, you simply need to count calories, making sure you eat less than you burn every day. For the average woman, this means eating less than 2,000 calories a day – some calculations suggest 1,500 calories a day will burn a pound every week.

Use a calorie-counting mobile app at every meal; just enter the amount of food you eat at every sitting, and eventually, counting calories will be second nature to you.

Diet is definitely a large part of any fitness regimen – you’ll go far with the right amount of calories, a balanced diet, and helpful supplements.

That’s no lie – the right supplements can help your fitness efforts go much further. Consider inulin fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and speed up fat loss; and chitosan, which helps define muscles and flush out fats. Both are active ingredients in Omnifit, which can serve as the final link to achieving the body you’ve worked so hard to get.