How natural anti-aging supplements help you stay young for longer

“Fight aging the natural way!” “Nature is the best nurturer!” You’ve heard it said, read about it, watched news clips on it. Advocates of natural youth supplements swear by these because they say nature contains no synthetic ingredients that may harm your body further.

But is that the only reason why they say “nature is best”? Here, we share three ways natural anti-aging supplements can do just that.

Antioxidants—which keep free radicals from damaging healthy cells—are abundantly present in particular herbal supplements.

Some herbal supplements are loaded with antioxidants. These keep healthy cells healthy and replace the worn-out ones, promoting longevity. This effect can be found in the flavonoids and carotenoids that are abundant in ashitaba (Angelica keiskei), a plant that can be bought and consumed in supplement form.

Sure, a resilient immune system isn’t the only thing that will help keep you in the pink of health. But keeping it strong is a good first preventive step.

Some life-extending compounds are abundant in a few natural sources.

If you can get most essential nutrients from a single source, that cuts down the time and expense of supplementing from other sources. For instance, ashitaba leaves contain an abundance of particular chemicals called chalcones. These chalcones contain xanthoangelol & 4 hydroxydericin, compounds that help regulate blood pressure, prevent acid secretion and help fight cancer cells.

Ashitaba is also rich in other nutrients, like Vitamin B12, phytochemicals (essential plant-based nutrients) like chlorophyll that stimulate the nervous system and detoxify your blood.

Natural supplements also fight other diseases related to aging.

Supplements like ashitaba have a wide range of beneficial effects; they’re not one-hit wonders. Taking ashitaba regularly may help fight obesity by reducing total body fat and lowering body mass index; may reduce blood pressure by blocking hypertension-inducing enzymes; helps improve short- and long-term memory; and reduces inflammation.