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Are you wondering what the rage is about BB creams and how BB creams work? Also known as blemish balms and beauty balms, these creams have recently taken the beauty world (and the United States) by storm. So what is this amazing new product? A blemish balm is a tinted moisturizer with extra benefits. It contains SPF, disguises blemishes, and soothes and moisturizes skin - some versions even contain anti-aging properties! Depending on your needs, BB creams can replace foundation and moisturizer - depending on your skin type, you can wear them completely on their own!

BB Creams were first developed in Germany by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream that would protect skin and provide coverage after laser treatments. The all-in-one formulation became a sensation in South Korea and then spread throughout Asia. A BB cream can help you achieve fuller coverage without having to move up to a heavier foundation that feels like a mask. By itself, a pea-sized dab of BB cream (that's all you need) can provide just the right amount of coverage for a casual day. We're all in a hurry and BB creams are fantastic time-savers, especially for the ladies out there!

Better Nutrition

JC Premiere took the BB Cream into new heights by introducing the Omni White BB Cream. It has the top whitening agents and high sunscreen protection factor compared to other products in the market. The Omni White BB Cream has a tri-active whitening formulation which consists of Oxidized Glutathione, Alpha-Arbutin and Licorice Extract. It also has Sunscreen Protection Factor of Fifty (50) which protects from two kinds of ultra-violet rays which are UVA and UVB. With the application of Omni White BB Cream, it creates a clear white silky complexion. And take note, it is compatible for all skin types. It's a cream that don't just moisturize, it whitens and brightens the skin, corrects and conceals blemishes and protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. All of these wonders that your skin needs is found in Omni White BB Cream by JC Premiere. That's how magic works!