3 Activities you can do to promote mental health

It cannot be stressed enough. Mental health is just as important as having a healthy heart and healthy skin. For some, it’s just easy to ignore your mental health because it occurs within us; no one else can see it.

We also take our mental health as a deeply personal matter – we find it hard to speak about it to others, so we deal with any problems by ourselves because we’re too ashamed to share, for fear of being judged by others.

But you can take care of your own mental health (without too much effort) by following these simple tips:

Exercise to deal with stress

The doctors are right: stress can kill you. The thing to do then is to practice your coping skills. Time to tell all the stressors in your life: bring it on!

Exercise releases a special class of hormones called endorphins—the “happy hormones”—into your bloodstream. Endorphins make you relaxed and happy while you exercise – encouraging you to finish your exercise, seek it repeatedly, and help you look and feel better in the long run. So squeeze 15 to 30 minutes of exercise time into your daily routine. For extra-busy days, break up your exercise time into 10-minute chunks.

Have a healthy daily routine

Put a little extra into your daily routine, to ensure the best (and longest-term) results.

First, get enough sleep – eight hours a night is recommended. Then make time for cardio exercise a few times a week – spice up your routine with an energetic playlist on your smartphone. Finally, sit down to a good breakfast—no, chewing on mints as you rush to your meeting doesn’t count as having breakfast. People who eat a regular breakfast have been shown to perform better at work and when absorbing information throughout the day.

To go with your breakfast, have a sip of Good Leaf Ashitaba Coffee (or make ashitaba leaves into juice or a smoothie). Ashitaba leaves have the same compounds as antidepressant pills. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and down, include a cup of Good leaf Ashitaba coffee in your daily routine to get the pick-me-up you need.


Connectivity is great when you’re working, especially when you’re organizing your social life. Once in a while, though, all the chaos that life brings may feel like it’s crushing you—then it’s time to unplug and just be quiet.

For a few hours a week, turn off your phone, get off social media and do something that doesn’t require a digital footprint. Explore new hobbies, like arts or baking. Read a book, or bake a cake, or even just play with your pets.

Paying attention to your mental health doesn’t need to take up too much time. Maybe all you need is a daily routine of exercise, tea-time, and me-time.