How to Boost Your Body Image – and Your Life

Physical fitness depends on how you look, but having a positive body image depends on how you feel – and sometimes that’s tougher to manage than your body’s fat content!

You can hate your body even at a low weight – and you can love your body even at its biggest.

“I have reached a point where I love my body,” writes Brittany Miles, a spokesperson for body positivity who overcame anorexia to love herself unconditionally, even at size 14. “I love the way I jiggle when I dance, and the way my ‘curves’ look in the mirror. I am in no way societies ideal beauty, but I am me.”

You don’t have to revamp your whole life to feel as good about yourself as Brittany does for her own body. Sometimes it’s all about the little steps.

Like finding affirmation from others . There are just too many blogs and social media accounts showing women with unrealistic bodies or unattainable lifestyles. They’re the wrong place to seek affirmation – instead, look for the company of encouraging friends, who can feed you the positivity you need to get to a better place mindset-wise. Find friends who accept you for who you are, and who add happiness to your life, instead of drawing happiness from you.

Social media can be useful, if only to encourage you to set a goal to become a better version of yourself. Use them to challenge yourself to meet fitness goals – but don’t look to them for emotional validation.

Next, silence your self-criticism. When you listen to yourself, how critical is that inner voice? How hard are you on yourself? If you find yourself insulting your own body, shut that voice down.

Try replacing self-criticism with self-praise. Make this a habit: stand in front of a mirror in your underwear, and make a list of five positive things to say about what you see before you. Use this as a starting point for improvement.

Challenging yourself to become a better you doesn’t have to begin with self-criticism. It can start by saying - “I am OK, but I can be better.”

Finally, find a goal to pursue . It could be getting some exercise, or loving your job, or finding a partner you’re happy with (or finding happiness in singlehood, if that’s your thing).

Being physically fit is an admirable goal – if you can pursue it as a goal in itself, without using selfhate as a motivator. Think of a goal that will not lower your present self, but one that helps you begin a good life, one you’ve never expected that you will be capable of achieving.

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