Kind Intensive Whitening Facial Cream

The Kind Whitening Cream is a skin nourishing and brightening cream that provides deep hydration with skin-clarifying active ingredients to bring out that youthful, radiant glow.


The Benefits of Kind Whitening Cream
– Diminish dark spots
– Treats hyperpigmentation
– Minimize minor blemishes
– Lightens the skin complexion
– Intensely whiten by inihibiting melanin production

How to use:

1. Get a pea-sized amount of whitening cream from the jar
2. Warm the moisturizer in between fingers and/or palm of your hands to ensure even application
3. Gently apply on cleansed face using outward motion

Additional information


1 Bottle, 30ml


✓ Paraben-free
✓ Sulfate-free
✓ Cruelty-free
✓ Silicone-free
✓ Made in Korea

Product Properties

Whitening, firming, moisturizing, nourishment, repair, sun protection

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