OmniFit Slimming Supplement Capsule

Omnifit is a dietary supplement that contains only the purest chitosan from Iceland and inulin fibre. The Chitosan used for Omnifit is sourced from the wild shrimps in the best and purest fishing grounds in Iceland. This supplement, when taken, can help in weight loss and weight management. With Omnifit, your fats can be gone in 60.


The Benefits
• Boost the effectiveness of Inulin
• Improve blood cholesterol levels
• Helps you lose weight
• Helps improve blood pressure
• Reduce the risk of anemia
• Reduce the chance of infection

Additional information


30 capsules per bottle


500 mg per capsule

Directions for use

Take one (1) capsule daily with a meal or as recommended by your physician.

The Science

OmniFit contains pure chitosan from shellfish like crab and shrimp, which reduces fat and cholesterol absorption. When taken during calorie-restricted diets, it slightly aids weight loss. Chitosan acts as a "fat blocker," reducing fat in your digestive system and lowering cholesterol. However, it may hinder absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and magnesium.
Inulin, available in powder form, is a dietary fiber associated with various health benefits. It enhances digestive health, helps manage diabetes, aids weight loss, and supports gut health by nourishing colon cells. Additionally, inulin can boost prebiotic content in foods, replace fats and sugars, alter food textures, and improve overall food health due to its gut health benefits.

The Difference

OmniFit by JC is committed to preserving the unique fat-binding properties of chitosan by avoiding harsh chemicals and using gentle processing techniques. Each capsule is enclosed in a vegetable casing, ensuring purity and nutrient preservation. We take pride in our controlled storage conditions, ensuring that the supplement remains stable over time. Experience the benefits of OmniFit by JC, a science-based approach to weight management. Unlock the health-boosting secrets of this revolutionary supplement and enjoy heightened fat reduction, optimal nutrient preservation, and digestive system compatibility.


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