60-Day Weight Loss Program

The 60-Day Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive and effective plan designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals within a two-month timeframe. The program incorporates physical activity, mindfulness practices, and natural supplements to enhance the weight loss journey.

A healthy weight not only promotes body positivity but also boosts tremendous health benefits. This program can help you achieve that healthy weight, this is important for your overall health and can help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions.
This 60-day Weight Loss Program from JC will surely help you kick start your journey to a more confident and healthier you!


The Benefits of JC’s 60-Day Weight Loss Program

  •  Blocks fat absorption: traps fat so it won;t be absorbed by your body
  •  Boost metabolism: Helps boost energy to support your active lifestyle
  •  Optimizes health: promotes healthy cholesterol to help you achieve your ideal weight the healthier way








OmniFit is a dietary supplement that consists of inulin fiber and potent chitosan sourced from Iceland. This supplement, when taken as directed, can aid in weight loss by absorbing fats and lipids from the food you consume, preventing it from being absorbed by your body.

jc organic barley capsule








JC Organic Barley is the only vegetation on earth that can supply nutritional support from birth to old age. It has 68 micronutrients that are necessary for survival which includes proteins, essential amino acids, highly alkalizing mineral, vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants.


Additional information


12 bottles of OmniFit
12 bottles of JC Organic Barley Capsule

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